Month: January 2023

About specializing in personal health clients

About specializing in personal health clients

When it comes to health and wellness, I have always thought I had it all put together. I’ve always gotten a good amount of exercise, even for someone who does a job that requires you to sit all day long with your eyeballs glued to a screen. I have practiced Aikido diligently for well over 20 years, including teaching from time-to-time, and I like to think that I have my mind pretty well connected to my body.

What I have put INTO to my body throughout my life is a different story. When it comes to nutrition, for most of my younger years I was of the opinion that if a meal takes more than 4 minutes in the microwave, it was too much effort. I was too busy to spend any time preparing good food for myself – I had people to see and things to do. I continued to think this way despite moving in my late 20s to New Orleans, considered by many to be a culinary mecca in the U.S. I always tended to dismiss the exigent nature of healthy eating… but it gets worse.

As I’ve written before, the fact that I ate poorly doesn’t mean I didn’t immensely enjoy my experience living in New Orleans. I did what you do when you live in a town where many bars are open 24 hours and that has no open-carry laws (when you leave a bar with a half-finished drink you pour it into a plastic cup and take it to the street with you)… I partied. Hard. When I eventually returned to Seattle from New Orleans I was about 80 lbs. heavier than I am today. I knew I was living a profoundly unhealthy lifestyle. I was probably on my way to an earlier-than-necessary

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