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New piece on GYW on the Island Wanderer

New piece on GYW on the Island Wanderer

My friends and clients at The Island Wanderer wrote a lovely piece on Grow Your World Web Connections, that I am incredibly grateful for.

The Island Wanderer is a community blog in Bainbridge Island, WA that, as they say on the website, is “all about island living and other musings.” My wife and I used to live very near Bainbridge (she grew up there), and are still very connected to the area. It is a tight-knit community, that has always been very proud of where they call home. The Wanderer has become the place to go online for news, events, business info and human interest stories coming from the Island. Thanks guys!!

Website options for clients dealing with COVID Gift Card - The Grub Hut

Website options for clients dealing with COVID

Businesses and nonprofits are having to get creative right now to get through the COVID era, and some are being forced to get out of their comfort zones when it comes to generating revenue. In my opinion, the best web developers are not just the ones who have the ability to program something complex, but are the ones who can help their clients feel a little more comfortable when they’re being forced to take risks to survive. Here are a few possible solutions for your business or organization that I have been able to put together recently, that might give you some ideas:

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